International Yacht Skipper Agency

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Address: Fošal 19, 21310, Omiš, Croatia
tel. +385914888222

The International Yacht Skipper Agency was founded in 2019 to train sailing and powerboat skippers.

International Yacht Skipper Agency (IYSA) is an independent sailing and powerboating training organization which provides education and training standards for recreational boaters.
IYSA has extensive experience gained in the process of training skippers and captains of commercial and recreational vessels.
Our training standards comply with all international maritime safety requirements and COLREGs-72.
The main activity of our agency is the training of skippers of recreational sailing and power boats.
Our instructors are well experienced in maritime navigation and undergo mandatory training in first aid and maritime rescue skills.
IYSA conducts obligatory accounting and registration of training courses for skippers and sailors.
After the completion of each course, theoretical and practical examinations of cadets are held, followed by registration in the IYSA system and the issuance of a certificate.
All IYSA certificates have a unique number and code for online verification. When checking the certificate, you can also check the skipper’s logbook.
Our main office is located in Omis, Croatia. We also have representative offices in other countries.

IYSA training materials are developed taking into account international legislation and taking into account the experience of training yachtsmen and professionals.

IYSA training is conducted in compliance with the requirements in accordance with the international skill requirements for drivers of pleasure craft and with the requirements of Articles 47 and 48 of the Radio Regulations. ITU res. 343, CEPT/ERC/REC 31-04E

List of Requirements for Obtain the IYSA International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft


Bareboat Skippers trained

Bareboat Skipper Certificates are accepted by worldwide.


The instructors were trained according to uniform training standards.

thousands of miles

Passed by our students during maritime training.