A new level of quality control of education

New IYSA Exam Rules

From March 1, 2023, the test for assessing the level of theoretical knowledge in all courses is carried out only online on the IYSA website. All exam tests can be taken in Croatian, English or Russian. The test is reviewed by an instructor who is a native speaker of the language of the test automatically selected by the learning quality control system. This means that the assessment of the quality of a student’s knowledge can be carried out by a third-party teacher, and not the one who conducted theoretical classes for this student. All IYSA professionals are encouraged to understand the importance of implementing such a quality control system in education. All incorrect answers made by the student are reported to both the student and the instructor who conducted the theoretical classes.

For full information on the requirements for admission to the course of study, please contact the e-mail address admin@iysa.online.