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Announcement of an additional Instructors Training Workshop in December 2022, Turkey.

We announce that an additional Bareboat Skipper Instructors Training Workshop will be held December 3-10 in Fethiye, Turkey. The seminar will be held in Russian.

Entry requirements for participation in the ITW:

  • Bareboat Skipper Sail certified by any of the certifying agencies.
  • 1500 NM experience in at least two different water areas.
  • Valid first aid certificate (may be obtained or renewed during the course).
  • An insurance policy covering sailing activities.

The duration of the ITW is 7 days with accommodation on a sailing yacht.

Instructor-trainer: Vladimir Polyakov (IYSA # ITBBS-007).

To participate in the ITW, please contact the instructor-trainer directly by e-mail eraser71@mail.ru

For full information on the requirements for admission to the course of study, please contact the e-mail address.